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About Us

Techie Inspire is a technology blog that features on latest technology, latest tips n tricks, how-to-guides, Mobile, Mac, Ubuntu, Internet and much more…
Techie Inspire was launched in June 2009 and started gaining popularity by the end of 2010. Techie Inspire was started and developed by Roshan Karkera aka K.roshan. Starting as a single author blog, Techie Inspire is now committed adding another author to our community named Merwyn Noronha.

Technology and Internet usage has taken an enormous pace where today we are bound with various technologies and gadgets; it becomes very important for us to be in sync with current technology. However, keeping pace with new technologies and troubleshooting turns out to be very troublesome. Therefore, the site is focused to provide you with simple step by step guides on latest technology, tips n tricks, tweaks and much more.

We believe in sharing knowledge. If you found our articles and blog interesting, then recommend and share with others but if you have any bad critics about this blog then tell us. Explore our site for Latest Tricks and Tweaks, latest gadgets, review by the technologist people on all modern gadgets. Subscribe to Techie Inspire to get real-time updates.

Thank you all the readers of Techie Inspire for taking keen interest in viewing our site. Thank you for all the love and support for being with us.

If you have any suggestions, problems or any complaints then please Contact Us.