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5 Amazing And Affordable Accessories For The Iphone 5

Dozens of new accessories comes out in the market every week. The demand for them is so big that Apple is believed to be opening a special segment in its stores for these accessories.

An average Apple smartphone user spends a massive $56 on accessories for the iPhone 5. So if you’re among the millions of people who recently purchased an Apple iPhone 5 means there’s a good chance that you’re also in the marketplace for some additional accessories.

But which accessories you want and how rapidly you will be able to buy them will be slightly different this time, all thanks to the Apple iPhone 5 new 4-inch structures and different power battery charging connector. Apple iPhone 5 is also loaded with bigger frame which means you’ll need a bigger case for it. So now let’s check out some accessories for you that are amazing yet affordable.

Check out the 5 amazing and affordable accessories for the iPhone 5.

Each and every accessory will help you protect it, extend power and get the most of your iPhone.

image1. iPhone 5 Cases: as we have already talked about it, due to the larger size of the new iPhone 5, you will need a bigger case for the smartphone. A case not only provides a stylish look, but also protects your phone. There is lots of variety available in the cases such as: premium impact case, scratch proof case, leather cases, water-proof case etc.

The price of these cases is around $10 to $50.

image2. Lightning Chargers: very stylish and elegant chargers are developed specially for the Apple iPhone 5. These chargers are very low-profile charge-plug for 12 volt car battery. They sport a powerful 10 watt charging circuit so that your iPhone devices with Lightning connectors can power up swiftly and securely.
Lightning Chargers costs around $20.

image3. IPhone Grip: it is also a very amazing accessory for Apple iPhone5. Now you can hold your iPhone in a gaming remote style or you can mount it with your bicycle or even run with its straps tied onto your wrist. These grips provide the users with dynamic comfort and make their task easier.

image4. DSLR iPhone Camera: one of the most talked accessory of iPhone 5, the iPhone DSLR. With the help of iPhone DSLR you can use the DSLR lenses and use them with the iPhone 5 camera. It works same as a normal DSLR camera does. The lenses are not heavy or very big in size. They are very easy to carry and very much affordable.
The price goes from $80 to $190.

 image5. Toy Accessories: you don’t need to buy those costly toy cars and helicopters. All you need is an iPhone and with little help you can turn it into an amazing phone cum toy. You have all the control over the toy. These accessories are even loaded with cameras so that they can capture photos and record videos.

A toy helicopter costs around $200-$300 and a car will cost 80$.

These 5 amazing and affordable accessories for the iPhone 5 will definitely turn your Smartphone into a multipurpose gadget.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these accessories now and brag about them in front of your friends.

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