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ChromeOS M116 to roll out with new features, check here to know what’s new

ChromeOS has seen numerous upgrades and enhancements over the years. It captures the wide variety of items accessible today, from PCs to tablets to smartphones, and ranges in price as well. According to recent reports, Google intends to upgrade ChromeOS M116 with a number of new features. A handful of small updates to ChromeOS 116 are being released by Google in the next several days.

ChromeOS 116 offers “enhanced autocorrection” that is “enabled by default for English in compatible apps” when typing on a physical keyboard. It will automatically correct several grammatical problems. Additionally, Google claims that this version has enhanced autocorrect functionality with the virtual keyboard and in other assistive devices.

ChromeOS Roll Out

Better Autocorrection

All compatible apps can now use an improved form of autocorrection that Google has enabled by default for the English language. The feature will fix typos, spelling mistakes, and other mistakes. The accuracy of autocorrect will improve.

Search in the Files app

Users will be able to simply search for files and documents on local and Google Drive content because of the new ChromeOS upgrade. Additionally, the blog claims that users will have the option to tailor their search. It should be noted that it is now simple to locate files of all types, including audio, documents, photos, and videos.

Chrome (OS) feature for PDF OCR

With the use of optical character recognition (OCR), users of Chrome may now turn PDF images into text. The goal of this is to make screen reading more enjoyable. Users who rely on the screen for reading will be able to fully utilize this new function with the aid of AI.

Process for flexible device setup

According to Google, new users will benefit from improved device customization options and setup flexibility with ChromeOS’ redesigned device setup wizard, which will offer a mode streamlined experience. Users will be able to quickly set up crucial things by customizing their touchpad scroll direction and display size.

Customizing the RGB Keyboard

RGB keyboards can now have their colours changed in ChromeOS. Google does point out, however, that the user can still choose just one illumination colour. Chromebooks like the IdeaPad Gaming Chromebook, HP Dragonfly Pro Chromebook, Acer Chromebook 516 GE, and ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX34 Flip already have the feature.

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