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Bill Gates celebrates the 28th Anniversary of Windows

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, marked a historic occasion on Friday by wishing Windows a happy birthday on the occasion of its 28th anniversary.

On the social media site X (previously known as Twitter), he shared an old video and sent birthday wishes to Windows on the occasion of its 28th anniversary. Bill Gates was seen dancing happily on stage with friends and co-workers in the video to celebrate the launch of Windows 95. “Some memories stick with you forever. Others follow you around the internet for 28 years. Happy birthday, Windows,” he wrote.

The celebration, which took place on August 24, 1995, was a star-studded event with famous performers and artists among guests.

The launch of Windows 95 wasn’t a regular event. The breakthrough features it introduced at the time served as the foundation for modern operating systems.

The Start button and taskbar, two of the operating system’s most recognizable features, were among the major advancements introduced by the Windows 95 operating system. Windows 95 introduced these main features, which have now come to represent the Windows user interface.

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