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How to view/show Hidden Files on Ubuntu Linux

All Windows users are now exploring different Operating system coming out of their windows OS shell. What I mean to say that, after the launch of Windows 8 people are now switching from Windows 8 to either Windows 7 (previous version of Windows ) or moving to Linux distros like Ubuntu. One of the newbie users who just switched from Windows 8 to Ubuntu has recently asked a very basic question that “How can I view hidden files on Ubuntu.”

Checking hidden files on windows is very easy. However, it becomes tricky for people who had never used Ubuntu. Ubuntu by default doesn’t show up hidden files, just like Windows. Anyway, checking hidden files on Ubuntu is far more easier and better than windows.

There are two way to view hidden files on Ubuntu.

Show Hidden Files on Ubuntu using Shortcut Key

1. Open the Directory using file browser

2. Press Ctrl+H, All hidden files will be visible (To hide them back, press Ctrl+H again).

This will show all hidden files immediately as and when you press the shortcut key. Perhaps, you want to set it as default to view hidden files, then check the below Preference settings.

Show Hidden Files on Ubuntu using Preference settings:

1. Open File Browser

2. Navigate to Edit –> Preference.

3. Under Views Tab, add check on “Show hidden and backup files”  checkbox option.

show Hidden Files on Ubuntu Linux

By enabling the “Show hidden and backup files” will allow you to view hidden files on all directories for all the time.

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