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Top 5 reasons to use Usenet than Torrent

Top 5 reasons to use Usenet than TorrentThere is a lot of discussion going out on the internet about Usenet. What is Usenet, Why use Usenet, Usenet VS Torrent, and many such questions? We received a lot of queries from our readers, when we posted an article on Usenet. The main reason behind people getting attracted toward Usenet is because of its many features offered compared to torrents. Considering the fact that today many torrent’s sites are getting blocked or shutting down due to Alleged Copyright Violations and has become very unsafe to download files from the torrent where your IP is exposed. Many people have already considered switching their file sharing from torrent to usenet.

Usenet has been around since late 70s, which was used as one of the bulletin boards for discussion, however, later in 80s, it was tested by uploading binary content rater the usual text or words. As a result, it helped in longer retention of files and hell lot of speed. Below is TOP 5 reasons will help you understand why people prefer Usenet and considered as one of the best ways to download files over the internet.

1. Download Speed

Usenet is much faster than torrents since you download files directly from server and not from random peers from all over the world. Many Usenet providers provide uncapped downloading speed, which mean that you can download as fast as your interest bandwidth can provide you. When compared to torrents, torrents depends on the number of seeds you have for the torrent file. As a result, fewer seeds mean slower download speed. Apart from download, torrent also simultaneously uploads the same while you download, which result in bandwidth wastage. Unlike torrent, Usenet downloading speed isn’t restricted by the amount of seeders and lechers and without unnecessary usage or wastage of bandwidth.

2. Privacy

A major concern for many P2P users is Privacy. Downloading files from P2P can get you in trouble unless you don’t care about DMCA notices since almost many torrent sites are being closed down due to the court order for Alleged Copyright Violations. Torrents works when you connect to other systems as a result your IP address are exposed. ISP can also easily track on files you downloaded and uploaded via torrent. Unlike Torrent, Usenet is much safer and secure. All Usenet provider use SSL encryption to protect your privacy, which means that nobody can track your activity on Usenet except for Usenet Provider. Since, Usenet providers don’t keep any activity log, it might be impossible to track someone on Usenet. Since the connection is encrypted, all download or upload is secure and private.

3. Retention

One of the problems faced in torrents is retention, torrents can be live only until the time of seed is available. It is been observed that torrent doesn’t exist for a much longer period. However, in the case of Usenet, some premium Usenet provider provides a retention of files over 1500 days. And with more than 800 Terabytes of information and data available, you can find anything.

4. Ease of Use

People might face some trouble understanding Usenet, but once you start using Usenet and download files. You will find how ease this can be. Usenet was always been complicated technology, especially for beginners who find it difficult to understand. However, today Usenet is much easier with all in one software. Typically, to download files from Usenet requires three different thing, i.e. Usenet server access, a newsreader, and Usenet search engine for usenet search. Premium provider provides all this packed into one software itself. Today even a new user can use Usenet like a Pro without any problem.

5. Satisfaction

In the end, it’s all about satisfaction. Due to many features it offers compared to torrent, Usenet users are more satisfied then they expected. As per many Usenet users review, people are satisfied when their activity is safe and private and that too without compromising on speed.

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