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XNSPY: Spy without Jailbreak (Review)

There are millions of happy iOS users around the world, for them, iPhone is a fantastic piece of innovation with just the right balance of beauty, elegance and easy to use OS. App store provides thousands of apps and that’s enough for them to be on cloud 7. These people require minimal customization and like iOS just the way it is.

And then there are those unhappy people who would want to break free themselves of the ‘restrictions’ that Apple poses on its OS. These people are either the Jailbreakers or the users of the jailbreak iPhones and iPads.


Well it’s easy to understand the frustration of Jailbreak advocates. Even though being an unbiased Android/iPhone user, I can still feel the pain that results from not been able even customize the control center shortcuts on your iPhone.

There are many reasons why anyone would want to jailbreak their iOS device like:

  • Access to apps from developers outside App store.
  • Freedom to use alternatives other than the default IOS apps.
  • Customization of phone’s iOS according to your personality.
  • Mobile network hotspot bypassing and iPhone to Mac tethering.

This all sounds so convenient but trust me, it isn’t. If you are planning to use a smartphone monitoring app on your kids’ or employees’ iPhone then there are many risks involved with doing that. Apple Inc. has warned its users about the risk involved in jailbreaking. They include:

  • Jailbreaking makes device vulnerable to external threats because it removes extra layers of protection from the OS.
  • Reduced battery life because default iOS services and apps are designed for optimal performance.
  • Some services may face disruption due to jailbreaking. They include Weather, Stocks and Visual Voicemail apps.
  • Not automatic update to latest iOS because Apple removes any Jailbroken software on its devices when you update it through iTunes.

The biggest threat that any iOS user has is the vulnerability that comes with jailbreaking. On one side, you are using a monitoring app to protect your child from online threats, harassing and bullying and on other, you are easily compromising with the security of your kids’ smartphone.

NoJailbreak Apps Is the Solution

For over-conscious parents like me, there is nothing better than staying on the safe side with XNSPY’s NoJailbreak edition. Other than the convenience of not jailbreaking the target device, it lets you monitor without installing any app onto it, unlike the jailbreak version.

To monitor a device, parents just need the iCloud ID and password of their kid that they wish to monitor. It’s that simple! After that the only thing they need to do is add those credentials to their XNSPY account, which can be done by logging into the online webpage based control panel.

With NoJailbreak XNSPY, you can monitor calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, phonebook, calendar entries and WhatsApp chats.

NoJailbreak: The Downside

Well it’s not like that Jailbreak is the ultimate ‘only way out’ for parents. Though jailbreaking make devices more vulnerable, it’s very rare to see any jailbreak user to find them in a peculiar situation. Jailbreak monitoring apps, just like the jailbreak IOS, provide wide array of features including GPS tracking. So before you decide to spy without jailbreak, do check the features of a Jailbreak app.

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