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Download Torrent files in Firefox

Update: This Add-On has been discontinued and not available on Mozilla Add-ons Page.

Today Torrent is the most popular way of downloading large files, including movies, games and other files. But, To download torrent files you need the torrent client application such as UTorrent or Bit Torrent. To Download any torrent you always use torrent client application to download the files, But now you can also download torrent files directly from Firefox. You need to install Firefox Add-On FireTorrent to Firefox. But, first Let me clear some basic doubt for newbies.

Download Torrent files in Firefox

Frequently Asked Question

  • What is torrent ?

Torrent is a small file (around few kilobytes) with the suffix .torrent, which contains all the information needed to download a file the torrent was made for. That means it contains file names, their sizes, where to download from and so on. You can get torrents for almost anything on lots of web sites and torrent search engines.

  • Why to Download Files using torrent?

Downloading with the torrent is useful when downloading huge files additionally it supports resume capability. Downloading with a torrent is advantageous, especially when downloading files, which are momentarily very popular and which lots of people are downloading. Because, the more people download the file, the higher speed for everyone.

  • What is Torrent client?

To download torrent files, we need torrent client application.

Normally, We first download torrent file with the suffix .torrent (size will be around some Kilo bytes), and then we open that torrent file using torrent client application to download.
After adding Firefox Add-on, which will enable Firefox to be as your bit torrent client. This will make Firefox directly download torrent files content on your PC.

Firefox Add-On Fire Torrent

FireTorrent is a Firefox Add-On made to integrate torrent downloading right into Firefox without any Bit Torrent client. Fire Torrent integrates seamlessly into your downloads window, making downloading torrents with Bit Torrent really easy. The Download Speed is good using fire torrent and also Support Resume Capability.

Download Torrent files in Firefox

Fire Torrent becomes very handy when downloading small files or downloading files from College or workplace where torrent client application cannot be installed or restricted. If you don’t want Firefox to download torrent files, then disable this Add-on. In Firefox, Go to Tools –> Add-Ons –> Extension Tab and search for Fire Torrent and Click On Disable and Restart Firefox.

Update: Fire Torrent doesn’t work on Firefox 11. It works with Firefox 3.5 – 3.6. There are no updates released for this extension lately.

Download Firefox Add-on FireTorrent from Mozilla Add-on

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