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How to type Indian Rupee Symbol in Windows

The history was created on July 15, 2010, presenting the long-awaited Indian rupee symbol. Initially, we used 3rd party rupee symbol font, but within a year, Microsoft came up with an update that allows one to type the Indian currency symbol from the keyboard. However, some people are still unaware of how to add the Indian rupee symbol to their keyboard.

Indian Rupee Symbol

This article will show you how to add the Indian Currency Symbol to your keyboard. Indian Rupee is part of the official Unicode standard and is assigned the code U+20B9. Currently, all prominent font families support the Indian Currency Symbol.

There are many ways that you can insert the Indian rupee symbol. But first, you need to add Keyboard Layout for India. However, if your keyboard layout is English (United States), then no need to add a keyboard layout for India as it supports the rupee symbol. If you face any issue with the US Keyboard layout, you can add Indian Keyboard Layout by following the below steps.

How to add Indian Keyboard Layout

Step 1: Open the Run dialog box, press Windows Key + R and type “control /name Microsoft.Language” and press Enter key.

Run command to open Language Windows 10

Step 2: Click on “Add a preferred language” and search for English (India) Keyboard layout. Select the Language and Click on Next to Install.

Add Keyboard Language Windows 10

Once it’s downloaded, you should be able to see the list of preferred languages.

Indian Keyboard Layout

Now that your keyboard layout supports the Indian Currency Symbol, you can now directly insert the Rupee symbol using the keyboard. There are also other ways that you can insert the Indian rupees symbol in word or other documents which we will see below.

Method# 1: Type the rupee symbol on the Keyboard

This method requires that your keyboard layout should be either English (India) or English (United States) as we have seen above. To type the rupee symbol from the keyboard, you need to press the below keys.

Ctrl + Alt + 4

Indian Rupee Symbol Keyboard Shortcut

Method# 2: Type the rupee symbol in Word or other documents.

This method does not require to have an Indian Keyboard layout setting since all major fonts have already incorporated the Unicode standard. As per Unicode Consortium, the Indian Rupee symbol is assigned the code with U+20B9 so we can directly use the code to use the Indian currency symbol.

Using 20B9 Alt + X

In your word document or any other document application, type 20B9 and press Alt + X. You will see 20B9 is replaced by the ₹ rupee symbol.

indian rupee symbol in word

Using Alt 8377

In your word document or any other document application, Press Alt then type 8377. You’ll see the ₹ Indian rupee symbol.

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