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How to Calculate using Windows Command Line

Calculate using dos command line in windows

Generally, for doing any calculation on Windows, we use a calculator or some application, but other than that, we can also use Windows Command Line, i.e., Command Prompt. Calculating arithmetic expressions on the command line is more straightforward and expressive. ...

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Delete Undeletable Files In Windows XP

Delete Files using Command Prompt Windows XP

While deleting files, you often may have come across, “Error in deleting files.” This error is basically saying that “The file or folder you are deleting is being used.”  Usually, you don’t know why this error shows even though you ...

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How to Hide Files on Windows 10 as System File

attrib command

To hide files on Windows 10, we usually go to folder properties and change the attribute to be hidden, which hides the files or folders on the system. However, these files will be visible whenever “Show hidden files, folders and ...

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