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Finally !! Microsoft Office for Android and Outlook for iOS

In November 2014, Microsoft launched it has beta version of office for preview on Android but assured to launch in early of 2015. At last, Microsoft Office is now made available for Android after a long wait. Anyway, Android users were already settled down with alternate app for Microsoft Office before it was released. Some of the popular app used as an alternative was QuickOffice or Google Docs.

Microsoft Office for Android

The Microsoft Office for Android will come with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. It may add other apps in the suite in the future. Microsoft Office suite for Android is free for mobile devices and Tablet device’s screen ranging between 7″ and 10.1″ can download for free. Devices with larger screen may need Office 365 Subscriptions to use Office Suite. The look and feel of Office have been kept uniform and same across all platforms to make it simple and easy. Perhaps the reason behind could be the goal of Microsoft so called “Office Everywhere.”

It doesn’t end there, Microsoft also surprise iOS users by its Outlook release for iOS devices. However, Outlook will also be available for Android but in preview mode. So in next few months, we can expect Outlook to be available in Android as well.

Outlook for iOS and Android

It seems like Microsoft is all set with strategies to beat its competitor because ever since last few months we have seen Microsoft to be very active giving back to back surprises to its users with new releases. Next big thing to watch out is universal app for office that is planned to streamline along with Windows 10 releases.

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