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What is Ubuntu and Why its so Popular OS in LINUX

What is Ubuntu?

What is UbuntuAll Ubuntu Users and Fans might argue on such a question and might be probing about how insane question is this. Since not all users are Ubuntu fans or user, most of the people are newbie and mostly get confused with many distros and variants of Linux. When it comes to Linux with GUI, it’s always Ubuntu. Ubuntu is preferred always on first compared to other Linux distros. There are many distros and variant of Linux available such as Fedora (Red Hat), openSUSE (Novell), Ubuntu (Canonical Ltd.), and Mandriva Linux (Mandriva).

Ubuntu is Linux Operating System based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed for free. The name of Ubuntu came from Southern African philosophy of Ubuntu, which is about “humanity towards others.” Ubuntu was primarily designed for personal computer. However, at present it also supports for business need like server and cloud edition. Basically, Ubuntu was developed with an aim of providing an easy-to-use Linux based system with Graphical User Interface (GUI) Desktop.

Why Ubuntu is so Popular?

Popularity is sure because it’s a Linux OS, apart from Linux. Ubuntu adds its GUI using Gnome, which makes it user friendly to use, like Windows and MAC OS(Recently GNOME has been replaced with Unity). There are many distros for Linux, but with limited support and this is where Ubuntu comes in. Ubuntu provides its OS for free and provides full technical support. Ubuntu packed with all the basic software’s like word processor, spreadsheet, Presentation, Media players, Firefox Browser, Instant messaging and much more. Since, it’s an open source software, developers from all around the world are continuously updating and fixing, after its regression process. Ubuntu comes out with a stable version release. Some of the reason behind its popularity could be due to the followings.

It’s Debian: Ubuntu is based on Debian Linux, which is Rock solid Stable OS. It has superior system security. It provides more power and control on the system. Debian is known for its two key features, i.e. Stability and Security, which make it more Popular OS in Linux.

Community Support:  Ubuntu has millions of users around the world. Most Techies in Ubuntu are contributing their skill in Online Ubuntu community. So in case you have queries or Doubt and you get stuck somewhere you can always approach to such online Ubuntu community. However, apart from such online community, Ubuntu officially provides Help and Support for its users via the web live chat and phone.

User Friendly: Linux was never meant to be user friendly. To install any application on Linux you need to install from package using terminal window, which was cumbersome for newbie and was only used by professionals. Ubuntu has made Linux so simple to use that, even a newbie can use Linux.

It’s GUI and Looks: Ubuntu uses GNOME for its GUI (graphical user environment) for Desktop environment. Most users of Ubuntu have loved Ubuntu GUI GNOME and felt in love with Ubuntu. There are loads of themes available for GNOME Shell and some features like MAC OSX Dock bar on the desktop which made things more easier and added to its beauty. (Recently, Ubuntu has replaced GNOME with UNITY).

Free Software Library: Ubuntu Software Centre gives you instant access to thousands of free and open-source applications.

It’s Free: Today nothing comes free, but Linux is free. Since, it’s an open source software, Ubuntu will be free forever and will not be charged ever in Lifetime.

Conclusion: No matter how popular Ubuntu is, Many user still like its Linux to be without GUI. However, It depends on the user likes or dislikes. In case you are new to Linux and want to try out Linux then grab a copy of Ubuntu for free from here.

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  1. Ubuntu is a great Operating System and it has a huge knowledgeable community if you ever need help with anything. I use Ubuntu everyday on my system.

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