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Hidden Easter Egg in WinRAR Application

Following to our previous Easter Egg which we found in uTorrent, here’s another Easter Eggs found in WinRAR Application. However, these Easter eggs are not new and are present in all older versions of WinRAR application. Though this is not ...

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Internet Explorer 10 Tips & Tricks Revealed

There is a browser war in progress and every web browser is trying to outsmart its competitor with its added armory of features. Our world is filled with people who are getting smarter by the day. Internet users are looking ...

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How To Add Images On Your Facebook Chat With Smileytime

In today’s generation, almost the whole world is on Facebook. Old Saying: Basic Necessities of a Man “Food, Clothing, Shelter” New Saying: Basic Necessities of a Man “Food, Clothing, Shelter and Facebook” 😛 :P. Facebook is used for various purposes ...

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