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FixMeStick – USB device that cleans your PC from viruses

FixMeStickHaven’t we all experienced trouble with pesky viruses and malware bogging down our computers? There were times when your computer refused to even boot because of one virus or the other? Just because your computer has an anti-virus, it doesn’t mean it is safe at the extra-notorious viruses that keep infiltrating your system.

There would definitely be a few of you who have the technical skill and knowledge to rescue your system with a bootable Linux disk. But for those who don’t have the technical expertise to deal with annoying malware, getting FixMeStick will definitely do the work for you.
What exactly is FixMeStick? It is a USB flash drive that is equipped with tools that can remove malware and virus from your computer. By removing the malware’s complete code from your system, it makes your system function well. It uses three anti-virus programmes powered by Kaspersky Lab, Sophos, and GFI.

Getting started on using FixMeStick is very simple. If you are among the lucky ones who can boot into Windows without problems, just insert FixMeStick and run the program. If you have disabled the ‘auto run’ option, run the program manually. The next time you reboot your system, FixMeStick will appear on the OS boot menu. Once the program is on OS boot menu, it becomes a default option and gets launched immediately on starting Windows.

Now all you have to do is to wait for FixMeStick to do its work. It is highly recommended for you to take a break, half an hour to a couple of hours, depending on the amount and kind of infections present on your computer. Once it comes across dangerous virus and malware it throws up a warning. When scanning is completed, you could either choose to simply fix the problem or check the results before deciding on the solution.

Even after a successful clean up drive, contacting the tech support may be necessary. While disinfecting malware infested files, FixMeStick can only throw them into quarantine, rather than completely clean the file. It may certainly toss your all important Windows file into quarantine. When this happens, it is better to get the help of technically proficient support staff than trying to fix it yourselves (not if you are qualified to deal with rebooting your computers).

With FixMeStick, you don’t have to download new updates as it automatically updates on its own. The bottom line is FixMeStick can only quarantine your infested files and not disinfect them completely.

All things said and done, FixMeStick is not devised to give you an all-in-one solution to your virus woos. It is meant to act as a support to the anti-virus installed on your computer. When you get the best of FixMeStick and a trusted anti-virus, you can certainly give your computer the best protection it deserves.

If you are among the not-so-technically inclined PC users, FixMeStick delivers simple yet effective ways to get rid of virus and malware that bog your system down. Although there is a lot more desired from FixMeStick, it is better to use this affordable device that helps clean up your system. Your computer may actually thank you for using it.

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