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How To Get Facebook Photos In Pinterest Format

Facebook has been introducing many new features for its users thus allowing its users to explore Facebook well and have good social experience online. Now Facebook has come up with another interesting app feature for its users. The new app feature is Friendsheet which allows you to browse Facebook Photos in Pinterest format. It is a Free Web App. It shows all your Facebook Photos in small sections. During our school days we used to have newspaper articles, photos pinned to the pinboards. This app displays images in the same manner on Facebook.

Using this app you can browse Pictures of Friends, Pictures of You, Your Albums. You can also like, comment and upload photos through this app. You can also go in to Browse -> Settings where you can Hide Captions, Hide Comments and Hide Fan Pages.

Follow the steps given below to get Facebook Photos in Pinterest Format:

1. Login in to your Facebook Account.

2. Now in the search box, type friendsheet and click on the app which is been displayed in the search results as shown below:

 Facebook Photos in Pinterest

3. Now you will see the below screen where you have to click on Allow to give permission to the app. The app will now turn your Facebook Photos in Pinterest Format.

4. When its done, you will be able to view Pictures of Friends, Pictures of You, Your Albums in Pinterest Format. It will be seen as in the below screen:

 Facebook Photos in Pinterest

Here, you can click on any of the photos and you can like it or you can also add your comments on it. Furthermore, on the top right corner where you can see a Search Box as ‘Search Friends,’, enter any of your Friends Name and press enter, and you can see all your Friends Pictures as in the below screen.

 Facebook Photos in Pinterest

For viewing your Friends Albums in the search box,  enter your Friends Name just below it, you will see Albums by ‘Your Friends Name’. Click on it and you will be able to view your Friends Albums.

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