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Microsoft Introducing Python in Excel

For decades, people worldwide have relied on Microsoft’s Excel, a well-known spreadsheet application, as their primary tool for data management and analytics. By incorporating Python, a popular programming language, straight into Excel, Microsoft is making a huge leap in the tech industry by fusing the ease of use of spreadsheets with the analytical power of Python.

Python in Excel will allow users to enter Python instructions directly within an Excel column and is now available for preview for Microsoft 365 users. Now, with the inclusion of elaborated plots and visualizations, analysts can receive answers right within their sheets. As a result, every Excel user will have immediate access to Python’s capabilities, democratizing advanced data analyses.

How do I get Python in Excel?

For Python in Excel, one needs to operate Excel for Windows build 16818 or later and also be a member of the Microsoft 365 Insiders program Beta Channel. Since Microsoft has already mentioned that this beta will not be released for all users at once but will be released in phases, some users might not yet see Python in Excel as an option.

Python will be available in the Ribbon menu in Excel for users who have the Public Preview. Such users can use built-in Excel workflows and Power Query to import external data into Python.

While Python in Excel is still in beta, insiders can make the following changes and improvements:

  • Enhanced editing tools, including syntax highlighting and autocomplete
  • Default repairs
  • Alterations to error behaviour
  • Improved documentation and help menus

A few different features of this transformation

Native Integration for Analysts

Python is now truly integrated into the Excel experience. One can now benefit from Python’s rich data visualization capabilities utilizing libraries like Matplotlib and seaborn in addition to conventional tools like PivotTables and formulae. They can even use forecasting and machine learning capabilities from libraries such as scikit-learn.

Driven by Anaconda

Anaconda, a key Python repository, known across the world, makes sure that Python in Excel has access to a wide range of libraries. The CEO of Anaconda, Peter Wang, congratulates this collaboration and envisions a whole new workflow for Excel users worldwide.

Cloud-Based Security

Excel executes all Python commands in a secure Microsoft Cloud environment. Python’s execution environment is carefully segregated and selected to prioritize data privacy so that one doesn’t need to worry about it.

Team-Friendly Design

Excel always had a high priority on sharing, and with Python now included, team collaboration is still simple. The built-in Python features can be used without additional installation when co-authoring a workbook or sharing it via Microsoft Teams.

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