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Microsoft to Close Visual Studio for Mac

Visual Studio Mac

Despite the fact that the user interface for macOS and Apple CPUs with ARM architecture improvements wasn’t developed until 2022, Microsoft has declared the end of support for Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio for Mac’s current version will receive ...

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Top 5 reasons to get the latest MacBook Air

June 2012 saw the release of the latest versions (an 11-inch and 13-inch display) of Apple’s notebook, the MacBook Air. Like almost all new products and upgrades from the computer behemoth, it was heralded with fanfare and almost universally good ...

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How to Perform Print Screen in Mac OS X

If you’re new to MAC Computer, you might have wondered about missing Print Screen key on Mac Keyboard. Most of our newbie readers often been asking us about “How to do Print Screen in Mac OS X since there is ...

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How to Remove Startup Application in Mac

Often it happens, when you install numerous software on your system, which results in the system to boot up slow. Most of these software are set to start up automatically when system boots, so when the system starts, it automatically ...

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