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What are the features of BT phones?

the features of BT phonesFor many office workers a British Telecoms or BT phone can often be grossly misrepresented as a standard analogue phone handset. Unfortunately for BT they are often a victim of their own success, BT phones are some of the most popular and widely used handsets available in the United Kingdom today. For a long period of time, BT also had the monopoly of phone handsets in the business sector too, with basic phones such as BT Converse being affordable and functional.

However, nowadays, the phone systems in the workplace are becoming far more technical than those in the home. BT has had to rise to meet the challenge of the increasing demand on functionality. This article aims to cover some of the BT phones most useful and impressive features.

Cordless Phones

No matter if you need analogue or digital phones, BT have created some of the most functional and reliable cordless phones available on the market. Mobility has been an increasingly needed characteristic for many office workers. With the invention and improvement of mobile smart phones, tablet PCs and smaller and faster laptop computers, many office workers now want their desk phones to be just as mobile and efficient to use. Cordless phones offer that mobile functionality in the workplace so that your BT phones needn’t be limited for use by the “source” of the phone line. (I.e. the socket.)

Digital Phones

BT now does some great, affordable mid-range digital phones which include some innovative features such as mobile SIM card installation (such as the BT Paragon 650). Essentially, the addition of the SIM card allows your desk phone to install and back up all of your mobile SIM contacts, send text messages and offers the inbuilt functionality of inbuilt voicemail services.

Ease of Use features

You may have some workers which require special facilities such as hearing and visual aids. It isn’t just the office space and the IT equipment which needs to be suitable for use by your workers with special needs, your phones need to be too. BT offers some great affordable handsets to cater for these needs such as the BT Big Button 200 Corded Phone. This phone is perfect for your users that suffer from visual or physical impairments and whom find it difficult to easily use the standard model phones which often come with smaller buttons. The Big Button also caters for those with hearing difficulties, offering hands free features with a speakerphone facility, group “conferencing” is also supported as well as offering hearing aid compatibility by default with the handset.

To research more BT handsets with other features you may be looking for, the best place to research and purchase these devices at the best price is through a reputable search engine provider.

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