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Brandish Your Branded USB Stick With Pride!

Brandish Your Branded USB Stick With Pride!Nowadays, a business or sales meeting is not just a matter of face-to-face communications. As information technology has become more sophisticated and portable with every passing year, it is a racing certainty that during the course of the average meeting, either the company representative or the client is going to refer to documents, figures, graphics or something that necessitates the whipping out of a portable device or laptop. Similarly, the ability to carry about large amounts of data or computer files has also improved beyond recognition over the past decade.

The not-so-humble USB Stick

In such an environment, the savvy salesman or representative can make a mark and steal a march on the opposition. USB sticks are nowadays a ubiquitous, if still high-end, part of the office/sales experience, thanks to their attractive, compact design and their increasingly large memory capacity. They are highly desirable pieces of kit, and this is why branded USB sticks are such an effective promotional tool. It speaks well of a company and raises its profile to have one of its branded USB sticks bandied about at a meeting.

Sharing the wealth

If the potential for great promotional and PR opportunity through brandishing a branded USB stick in a meeting is not enough, then dishing these much sought after items out to contacts and clients can push your brand visibility through the roof! Promotional items as a form of advertising are not to be underestimated, with items such as USB sticks one of the most powerful marketing tools there is. Clients will not only be pleased to receive something as handy as a USB stick during the course of a meeting, they will be reminded of your company subsequently, each time they use it – and they will use it a lot.

If a branded USB stick comes preloaded with useful information, such as a company brochure or lists of contact details, so much the better. There really is no limit to what can be done with these items, if you combine their great potential for information storage and transportation with their potential for promotions and publicity – and a little imaginative marketing. Have a good meeting, now!

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