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Nextbook Premium 10SE Tablet – First Look

Nextbook Premium 10SE Tablet Tablets seem to be rocking the world of computer these days. And why not when you have a device that can do almost everything that a big desktop can and when you can carry them around with ease wherever you go? A tablet seems to be one of the cutest things, the technology world has offered us. They are small, mobile, powerful and what makes it a joy to use them is their touch control.

Ever since tablets were launched, Apple’s series of iPads made the biggest impact. In fact, they were the most successful among all the tablets in the market. There were very few that could match their butter-like operations. Many tablets have come and gone. Not all of them had a big tale to say. Other tablets that made impression were the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab’s series of tablets and the Amazon Kindle’s series of tablets.

Here is yet another tablet that may not be a threatening rival to the likes of the iPads, but one that stands up and says ‘Count on me’!


The New Nextbook Premium 10SE tablet


If you have been on the lookout for an Android tablet that is inexpensive and you are not really concerned about the brand, you will be interested in the new Nextbook Premium 10SE tablet. Yes, the Nextbook 10SE is an inexpensive slate for budget customers that are looking for a tablet with decent specs. The Nextbook Premium 10SE features 9.7-inch TFT display on a resolution of 1,024 x 768. The display may not really impress you as it is not the best even for a low-end tablet. The five-finger multi-touch feature of the tablet is something that you will find in the more expensive gadgets.

The device is powered by a 1 GHZ processor with 1GB RAM. Certain features clearly show that the device is designed to make it more affordable. The slate features only 8 GB internal storage but there is a slot for micro SD card through which the memory capacity is stretchable to 32 GB of additional space to carry your digital media. With its 0.3 MP camera in the front, your shooting experience is not going to be all that great too. Wi-Fi and G sensor take care of the connectivity aspect of the new tablet.

The new tablet runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which comes as a surprise. The device is also offered with twenty five eBooks that comes bundled with the box. These eBooks complement the preloaded Nook on the Android’s app.

The tablet is available for purchase in the market for $279.99 in many retail stores. The box also comes with a protective pouch for the device, a good quality one specially designed for the tablet. Other features of the tablet include an integrated speaker, photo viewer application and MP3 player. Pleasantly, there is a USB port for you to share contents with your tablet. There are a host of preinstalled apps for reading and cloud storage.


The announcement

The tablet is launched just at the right time. The festival season might see a number of devices sold as it is cheap and seems to feature most of the major specifications that a tablet of this price range should have. The device is sure to capture the hearts of those that are on the lookout for a relatively modern gadget and are not ready to burn a hole in their pocket for the cause.

It’s just the beginning and there are days to go before you can see how the tablet plays in this competitive market.

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