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5 Tips to Increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

5 Tips to Increase Your Tablet's Battery LifeHere are five tips that will help you to increase your tablet’s battery life, however you should remember that the tablet’s is supposed to last around 6 to 10 hours. Expecting any more than this is kind of pushing the boundaries of current technological advancement. Not those batteries the size of a squirrel’s brain cannot last year or two, but expecting such high technology in a tablet device that costs you around $500 is not really being very realistic. Nevertheless, here a few tips to help you improve your tablet’s battery life a little.

5 Tips to increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

Screen brightness

You can adjust your screen brightness on almost all tablet devices, and you should do so on yours. On most tablet devices, you will find multiple options for screen brightness. Do not choose to have it on the lowest setting; also make sure this is not permanently on the highest setting.

Have your screen brightness adjusted to compensate for the brightness of the room/light quality. If your tablet device does not offer this function, then set your tablet device so that the backlight goes off after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Side Tip – Do not forsake usability for battery life–unless you are really desperate. It is silly to reduce the usability of your tablet in order to increase your battery life. If the battery life bothers you, then buy a device that has a longer-lasting battery.

Background processes

Some tablets may run quite a number of background tasks whilst you are doing your thing (completely without your knowledge). It is your job to find the background processes and shut them down so that your battery life does not deplete.

Side Tip Do not opt for a tablet battery saving app. These are apps that close down background functions and tweak the settings of your tablet device so that it saves the battery life. If you are having this much trouble with your battery life, then you should have opted for a different tablet device or try to find the culprit of your power drain.

Auto updates

These are the scourge of people who have pay-as-you-go Internet. They download as and when, and not only do they use up your Internet allowance; they also use up your power. Turn off all your auto updates and update your tablet device manually. Turn off all of your auto updates and just switch on the notifications.

Side Tip – Take care of your battery. Research into how you should treat a battery. For example, you should follow the instructions that come with the tablet when you first buy it, with regards to how long you should charge it for the first time. You should also take care to do things such as avoiding overcharging.

GPS, WI-FI and Bluetooth

These functions are able to run while a phone is on standby. Your best bet is to turn them off when you are not using them.

Side Tip – If you know you’re going to be out of the house for a long time, then instead of worrying over your tablet’s battery life simply take a charger with you. The charger is considerably smaller if you take away the fact that it is slightly more awkward to carry.

Operating system updates

Make sure to update your operating system whenever possible because they often have updates and fixes, which are good for reducing battery drain and extending your tablet’s battery life.

Side Tip – If your tablet device does not go into standby mode then do not be afraid to put it into standby mode whenever you have stopped using it.

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