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How to Split PST File in Microsoft Outlook 2007

Split PST File PST files, created by MS Outlook contain the data up to a limit. Once the size limit is reached or the file goes beyond the limit, PST file becomes prone to corruption. In order to prevent corruption, it’s necessary to split PST file into smaller files. Below is detailed description about how to split PST file in Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 does not offer an inbuilt utility to split a large PST file into several smaller files. Therefore, you need to use any of the below given methods to accomplish the task:

1. Split PST file using ‘Archive’ feature:

  • (i) Open Outlook 2007, select PST file.
  • (ii) Go to the ‘File’ menu, and click on ‘Archive’.
  • (iii)Check the ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’ check box in the ‘Archive’ dialog box. Following, select a folder from the list.
  • (iv) Click a date from the ‘Archive items older than’ drop down.
  • (v) Click on ‘Browse’, give a path and name for new PST file, and click ‘OK’.

Now, you can see the new PST file as ‘Archive Folders’ in ‘Mail Folders’ list. You can also change the display name of the PST file by following the below given instructions:

  • (i) Hit a right-click on the ‘Archive Folders’, click ‘Properties’.
  • (ii)In the dialog box titled as ‘Archive Folders Properties’, click ‘Advanced’
  • (iii)Under the dialog ‘Personal Folders’, in ‘Name’ box, type the new name, and then click ‘OK’ twice to get back to Outlook.

2. Split PST file using ‘Move to Folder’ feature

  • (i) Go to the ‘File’ menu, select ‘New’ and click on ‘Outlook Data File’
  • (ii) A dialog box ‘New Outlook Data File’ appears, click on ‘Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)’, and click ‘OK’.
  • (iii) Give a path and name for new PST file
  • (iv) In the dialog box ‘Create Microsoft Personal Folders’ type a display name in the box ‘Name’. Note that Outlook uses this name in ‘Mail Folders’ list.
  • (v) Go to the folder containing items to be moved to the new .pst file, and click the items to move.
  • (vi) Click ‘Edit’ in the menu and click ‘Move to Folder’.
  • (vii) Click ‘New’ in ‘Move Items’ dialog box.

Nonetheless, manual methods are successful to an extent. Therefore, in some cases, the given methods do not give the required results. To handle such situation, you can choose a professional ‘PST Splitter’ application that is capable of providing desired results. You can get the software online.

Author Bio: I am ‘Russell Smith’, an email repair expert. I am writing informative articles for Outlook users to get rid of its issues and how to use PST splitter methodology and troubleshooting tips.

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  1. This is a good post which tells how to split Outlook 2007 files. There are two methods of splitting PST file one is manual method and other is automatic method. Manual method is not much effective therefore you can go for automatic method which is using Split PST software.

  2. Nice blog !!! but manually some time not possible for us , as
    we had large no of PST and moving manually is not possible for us . In that
    case you try SysTools Split PST Software that help to divide entire Outlook mailbox without any data loss.

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