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Google decided to Shutdown Picnik.com

Google is on the roll this new year closing and shutting down a number of services, including Picnik. This may come as a shock to all Picnik lovers, since Picnik is the most widely used web-based photo-editing service on the internet. Sometimes it was also compared to Photoshop since image editing perfection was easily achieved using Picnik without taking much of your time

What is Picnik?

Picnik is an online photo editing service, a popular service for image editing on the web. Picnik showed some real photo editing power like Photoshop, which was available for free and Premium. It was launched on September 2007 and later Picnik was acquired by Google on March 1, 2010.

There are some Good News and Some Bad News for Picnik Fan out there;

Bad News: Google is closing its online photo editing service Picnik on April 20, 2012.

Good News: Picnik is offering all its premium services for free until its last day of service and others who are using Picnik premium service will get their full refund of their money within a week. Picnik service can be expected to be incorporated into Google+ soon.

Picnik user can use Picnik Takeout a new feature added to remove all your creative images from Picnik in a zip files and may elect to copy those photos on Google+.

Picnik closing

Google also closing few other services like Google Sky Map, Google Message Continuity (GMC), Social Graph API, Urchin & Needlebase.

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  1. I always used picnik for last 2years, my only source of awesome image. I happy that they are providing their premium service for free but i am so sad about its closing.

  2. When it would be available in google+, i waiting eagerly for that.

  3. I am so sad and angry with such news from google.

  4. Hope picnik comes back. i will miss picnik, the most awesome pic editing site..

  5. this premium service is gud but sad about its closing, It would be better to keep picnik site alive forever.

  6. Google have recently closed many sites and services just to concentrate on few like google+, i guess thier next target is orkut..

  7. Picnik sure help to create some awesome pic which u create normally using photoshop but takes time in photoshop and need knowledge abt it. Picnik was so user friendly and so easy that even a people with no knowledge could use this.

  8. Sad to hear that!!!!

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