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Microsoft launches msnNOW to track latest news and buzz

It’s very difficult to check all latest news and buzz going on the internet. Every person wants to be updated with all latest news and buzz which are happening in the world. It’s impossible for students and professional people to spend hours in browsing sites on the internet just to know the latest news and trends. Microsoft realizes the problem and came up with an innovative concept and recently Microsoft launched its new service called msnNOW. msnNOW will help you to stay updated with all latest buzzes and breaking news on the internet and will be shown on the msnNOW page. What’s more fascinating about this is that, it will pile up this news from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews.com.

Microsoft msnNOW is, in fact developed for young readers who are sometimes misguide by wrong information or false trends like fake celebrity news or hoax information on social media. Microsoft’s editorial staffs are working to bring up such latest news and buzzes, which are heating up on the web. Almost about 20 editors are monitoring the data across social media and on the web by filtering out offensive and false information articles and updates with fresh contents on the site so you don’t miss anything.

Microsoft launches msnNOW

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