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Check Weather condition in Web Browser

weatherIf you are curious to know how would be the weather for today or next day, then I would suggest to go with this weather Checking Extension for your Web Browser. This will just sit on the toolbar and keep you reporting live weather condition without affecting your internet connection speed. However, we have plenty of such tools and extension for web browser available on the internet but AniWeather stands out among the rest.

Currently, AniWeather Only Support Firefox and Google Chrome. Once AniWeather is installed in Web Browser, you may see an icon on Menu bar or toolbar.

weather report in chrome

To add your Location, Right-Click on the Icon and Select Settings in Firefox and Options in Chrome, Now Click “Detect My Location” Button in Add new location, it may prompt with few locations, select the relevant location, and it will be added to the List. To make this location your current or default location, Select the particular location and click “Make Default” button. You can see your default location selected in Default Location as seen in the screenshot. There are many other settings, which can be configured according to your preference.

Add Location to Aniweather


Clicking on icon will display Animated Weather Report as seen in the below screenshot

Animated Weather Report

You may notice Firefox AniWeather have more feature than chrome extension. Additionally, Firefox supports graphic report like radar map, satellite map, alerts, etc.



  • Displays Weather Condition for Worldwide Location
  • Appealing Animated Icon to display Weather information
  • Real time condition update + 5-day forecast
  • Switch Location in One Click
  • (US ONLY) A rich set of graphic reports (radar, satellite, alerts, etc.)
  • Fully Customizable to fit your Preference (temperature unit, location list, and much more)


  • Some features might not be available outside United States (US)


Currently, it is available for Firefox, Chrome, ipad and iPhone.


AniWeather – Homepage

Download and Install AniWeather Extension for Google Chrome

Download and Install AniWeather Add-ons for Firefox

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