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How To Find Out Who Removed You On Facebook Friends List

Almost all of us have Facebook account. Sometimes, I’ve noticed that the number of friends in my Facebook friends list have reduced, but I’m unable to find out who are the ones who have unfriend me on Facebook. However, the good news is, now you can easily find out who has deleted you from their friends list on Facebook with Unfriend finder Greasemonkey script. With this app, you can also know when someone ignores your friend request on Facebook.

Follow the steps given below to find out who removed you on Facebook Friends list:

Step 1: Download the Add On Greasemonkey in your Firefox browser. Install Greasemonkey in your Firefox browser and restart Firefox in order to make the Add On active. Once you have installed this, you will see a brown monkey smiling at you in the top right corner of the browser.

Note: Chrome is compatible with userscripts, so no need to install Greasemonkey on Chrome Browser.


Step 2: Download Facebook Unfriend Finder Script on your browser and install in your browser.

Facebook Unfriend Finder Script

Step 3: Now login to your Facebook account and you will see a new tab ‘Unfriends’ on the top right corner next to Home.

Facebook Unfriends

Congratulations, you will now be able to get notifications on your account when someone unfriends you from Facebook friends list. This script will also update you on the people who ignored your friend request.

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