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The Modern Home Needs More Security Technology

Security TechnologyThese are great times for technology fans to live in. It seems like every new week brings a fantastic new phone, tablet, television or some other device, which has been designed to enhance our lives.
The only problem with having so much advanced technology in our houses is that it makes us feel more vulnerable to theft. Having a lot of expensive gadgets around the place reminds us that there are plenty of reasons for thieves to want to break in. However, the good news is that modern security technology has been keeping pace with the rest of the technology around these days.

Alarms to Suit Your Home

The choice of modern security alarms is enough to make a burglar weep. There have been some big advances on the technological front in recent years and this means that they now detect intruders with more accuracy than before. For example, many use techniques such as cross zoning. What this does is use two different signals to determine whether or not an alarm is genuine. This means that if your cat activates the alarm on your window the alarm won’t actually be generated until a second indicator is received, such as movement being detected in the house following this. There are also many different types of intruder detection methods to choose from. For example, some of them detect the change in the room’s heat when someone enters while others notice the change in the pattern of the ultrasonic sound waves they send out when there is movement. It is simply a question of finding the right system for the house you want to protect.

Smart CCTV

The old-fashioned idea of a CCTV camera was of something, which captured images to be seen at a later date if anything untoward had happened. Now you can get a live operator to view the data, or you can even check the pictures yourself over the internet. The growth of digital CCTV systems has also increased their effectiveness and ease of use greatly.

No Wires

You might have a wireless sound system now but did you know that you can protect it better with a wireless home alarm? These aren’t just more aesthetically pleasing than wired ones; they also keep your property safer. This is because cut wires or other problems with the cables are no longer a problem with a wireless alarm. This use broadband signaling for a secure and rapid response which intruders are unable to tamper with, and they can also be expanded by adding on additional detectors if you need them in the future.

Author Bio: This guest post is authored by Robert Bell, a crime prevention specialist who has years of experience within the home security industry and occasionally writes for www.adt.co.uk

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