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Backup Data on Google using Google Takeout

Recently, we posted on Google closing picnik.com and some other service from Google. This has raised some concern regarding the Data on Google among few readers since most of Google’s product, and services are closing now and then. I would like to say that there is no reason to panic since the data is with the Google, which is in safe hand and Google know very well about individual’s privacy and importance of individual’s data on the Google, though that might not be a reason to keep your data on the stake, as a result Google provides an option to take out your stuff. Google provides an option to Backup through Google Takeout. In reality, Google Takeout is used to export your data out from Google to move on to other services.

Google takeout is from The Data Liberation Front which is an engineering team at Google with a singular goal to make thing easier to move their data in and out of Google’s products. Google Takeout allows you to take out (export) data from different Google’s product, and those Data can be imported to Third party sites. I use the takeout feature just to keep a backup of my data on my system to be safe. Talking about Data liberation, I think this really beats Facebook because Facebook does provide the option to takeout data from Facebook but its useless since the format in which we download from Facebook is different and can’t be uploaded to the third party website.

How to use Google Takeout

1. Go to Google Takeout and Login to your Google account

Google Takeout

2. You will see few other services in a row, in case you want to select only selected services from which you need to take the data. Click on Choose services Tab and select the appropriate service from which you need to backup and Click on Create Archive.

Google Takeout

3. You may see progress bar which is creating an archive in a zip file. Once its get complete, Click on Download and save to your computer.

Google Takeout

The intention behind Google Takeout is freedom, the liberty to move on. As said by Google Data Liberation Front, If you know that you can take out your data, you might feel more comfortable putting more in.

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