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Talking on Your iPhone at Bed Time Leaves You with Sleepless Nights

iPhone-iconPeople love their iPhones and other mobile devices. Many cell phone reviews give these devices high marks and as a result more people than ever are purchasing them. However, this is resulting in many sleepless nights for individuals who cannot bear to be parted from their mobile devices even when they are supposed to be sleeping. A report was recently published by iPass, following a survey of more than 3,000 users.
The people surveyed work at 1,100 large corporations located in various countries around the globe. The workers were questioned about their mobile device habits. Since most of these phones were used for work related functions, the survey was not all that surprising. But the compiled data still gives some sobering facts.

Mobile workers cannot seem to put their phone away. People actually have a difficult time being physically separated from their mobile devices. Of those surveyed, 61 per cent keep their phone in their bedroom and 41 per cent always have the phone within reach where they sleep. As high as these numbers are, they jump even more when the younger demographic is taken into account. These are the survey respondents between 22 to 34 years of age.
Around 77 per cent keep their phones in their bedroom and 60 per cent feel the need to have their mobile phones within arm’s reach at all times. Over a third of mobile workers or 35 per cent, have the habit of checking their email before they do anything else in the morning. Another 38 per cent check their email several times during the night.

No wonder people are having trouble sleeping if they are waking up during the night so they can check their email. Those involved in the mobile work force make up a large group of those owning tablet devices. These units are relatively new on the market but 41 per cent of those surveyed currently have one and another 34 per cent are planning on getting one within the next half year.

Employers do not always provide tablets for their mobile workers and only 27 per cent have received a device from their employer. Of those surveyed 73 per cent own their own tablets. Those workers who are not tied to the office and are generally in higher paying executive positions work, on average, about 240 hours more every year than do those in the more traditional workforce .There is a theory that workers who are not office-bound tend to put in more work hours than those who have to work a regular 9-5 job. This survey certainly lends credence to that theory.

It may be difficult for these mobile workers to put their devices away since so much of their job depends on always being in contact with what is happening. They may manage a small or large workforce from their remote locations and in order to keep their jobs they need to be informed.
Cell phone reviews certainly indicate that phones are now more capable than ever of performing various functions at an optimal level. With such wide network coverage there are few areas that are now inaccessible to smartphones and other mobile devices. The younger generation do not even remember when there was a time without cell phones and they are completely lost without them. How to get people to stop taking their phones to bed is another matter entirely. It may take many sleepless nights to convince both mobile workers and teenagers to put their phone to rest, at least for the night.

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