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Is ZTE Planning To Come Up With An Advanced Gaming Smartphone?

zte-logoIt was announced during early July 2012 that ZTE planned to introduce their advanced gaming smartphone by the third week of July 2012. The Chinese manufacturer tweeted sometime during the 1st week of July that the countdown had begun! According to the standard 140 character tweet by ZTE UK, it emphasized the excitement behind the announcement, but did not give any details about this device. They had only indicated that “within six days you could have one of the most advanced gaming smartphone on the planet in your hands.” This, of course, opened the door to speculation. While this news definitely had the gamers excited, nobody seemed to have any idea about the product. They don’t know whether it is a new prototype or whether it is similar to the previously announced but unreleased handsets.

People are already speculating whether the quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor would power the smartphone, as it is well known for its high gaming performance. It appears that such a presumption could be a bit uncalled for as it could also be a dedicated gaming control device. However, I personally feel that ZTE’s move is in the correct direction as the market is just about ready for a gaming oriented smartphone. After emailing and surfing, gaming is the next most preferred activity by smartphone users. Although these aspects have been sort of addressed by other users in their smartphones, no one has really gone in for a gaming enabled smartphone. Only Sony has got just about close with their Experia Play, but even that model is wanting in certain features. It will be quite interesting to note how ZTE detaches itself from the other popular gaming devices such as the Nokia N-Gage and Sony Xperia Play.

ZTE’s announcement has sent shockwaves for two reasons. The first being that although the market has been speculating about gaming enabled smartphones for quite some time, no manufacturer really got down to filling this void. It is ZTE, who have finally taken the plunge and gone ahead and developed this gaming smartphone. Another reason for the shock is that ZTE is not the leading smartphone manufacturer and is placed only fourth in terms of global marketshare. Hence, ZTE’s move is considered very bold albeit a gamble.

Chinese device and smartphone manufacturers are getting all set to blaze into the international smartphone market; however, getting brand recognition will be difficult for them. In other words, apart from the Chinese, very few have heard about companies like ZTE (that’s of course if you are not a techie).

ZTE had an exciting product line-up at the 2012 Mobile World Conference but none of them did match the description of the proposed gaming smartphone. Along with the Android 4.0 smartphones and tablets, ZTE’s flagship product, the quad-core ZTE Era also had an impressive showing. However, the world had almost forgotten the ZTE as they were seemingly caught up the Samsung Galaxys’ and the Google Nexus’. Whatever said, people who are serious about gaming are all set to welcome the new ZTE, which has pure gaming in its genes.

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