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Google+, the latest buzz in social media marketing

social media marketingThe hottest news in social media marketing is undoubtedly Google+ which has been launched on 28th June, 2011. Google+ connecting on the internet is like connecting in the original world. You can share your views, thoughts, ideas, photos and links with proper circles. Moreover, you can engage into conversations with spontaneous video chat with a maximum of nine people at a time. The simple and fast group chat allows you get everyone on a single page. Google+ has brought a new approach to sharing.

Operated by Google, Inc. Google+ is focused on sharing within Circles which are small groups of people. Each of the groups is of names like family, friends, co-workers, classmates, etc. Circles make it easy for you to share the right thing with right people. By putting your friends in one circle, your boss in one and parents in another you can get just the real life experience of sharing different staff with different people.

Within Google+ there is a specific section for viewing, editing and managing multimedia. Moreover, with photo tabs you can be taken to all the photos shared by you and the ones you are tagged in. But rather than a mere photo tagging it also comes with an image editor, sharing features and privacy options.

The most discussed characteristic of Google+ is probably the new group chat feature “Hangouts”. Here for joining a group chat you won’t have to ask a friend directly, instead by clicking on “start a hangout” you can be alone in a video chatroom with your friend. Once you do it a message starts getting circulated in your social circle informing them that you are “hanging out”. The friends placed in a circle which was invited by the person creating Hangout, can join this group chat. Video Hangouts make it possible to bring as many as nine people into your world spontaneously. Whether you are at home or on the go you can hit the web with spontaneity.

At the game room of Google+ you can build a new civilization, play poker, humiliate a pig, simply click on anything that moves. Whenever you do something special you can share that with those people who are interested in the updates.

The recent news of Google+ is it’s now accepting “Company” or “Brand” based profiles or accounts. This is providing a great opportunity to the site and business owners to brand and promote their companies. Therefore, for the site owners and companies this is undoubtedly a big move.

The biggest advantage of Google+ is being in the Google brand it gets all respect and reputation as well as it brings all free programs and services. Associating your business with a brand like Google you can always score some good points apart from earning trust. For all business houses building instant trust with potential customers is vital and your overall success depends mostly on it, therefore, a great help in this respect will be building a big community via Google+.

Google+ has come up as a competitor of Facebook with profiles, built circles of contacts, photos, posted interesting comments, and unlimited page options. Google, being the number one search engine, Google+ page affects the search engine results to have an impact on the rank.

The search engine run by Google controls a big portion of search traffic of the world. For building any momentum or buzz for any company or product Google+ offers an affordable but attractive way. It is all the more important for SEO and when you want to let your brand out on the web. Therefore, Google+ is a very useful marketing especially for those businessmen who are just beginners or cannot afford high marketing budgets. Be it SERPs or the real world Google+ builds the visibility of your brand.


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Amelia Hill is a Social Media Expert who has been associated with the top companies for seven years now. She loves to write articles and blogs on various topics on social media marketing to share her valuable knowledge with us. She has also written several articles on Comcast, Time Warner Internet, etc. which keeps us informed about the latest developments in the field of internet service.

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  1. I am recently started using Google +, I find google+ better than facebook. google+ is great way to create branding by marketing using google+.

  2. Many companies have started making their brand pages on Google+. and its sure going to rock unless and until facebook doesn’t do something.

  3. A big rival competitor for Facebook, It already making news in the internet using +1.

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