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How to Install Gnome on Ubuntu 11.10

Install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.10Those who are missing Gnome Desktop in Ubuntu 11.10 could easily bring it back on Ubuntu. In Ubuntu 11.10, Ubuntu dropped Gnome in the favor of Unity; however most Ubuntu fans and user didn’t like that. All users felt the missing part in Ubuntu as the beloved Gnome was missing. By default, Ubuntu 11.10 uses the Unity desktop, however you can switch to Classic Gnome at anytime. Since, Classic Gnome is not included by default in Ubuntu 11.10, hence need to be installed. This guide will show you how to Install the Gnome on Ubuntu 11.10 and on later versions.

Follow the below steps to Install Gnome on Ubuntu 11.10 or later versions:

Step 1: Open Terminal, Press Ctrl + Alt + T

Step 2: Type the below command at Command Line and press Enter. The below command will install the latest version of Gnome shell i.e. Gnome 3

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

Step 3: Enter password when prompted.

install gnome shell in ubuntu

Step 4: The installation will start analysis of the packages which are needed to be installed on the system, and the amount of disk space required. It will prompt you saying, “Do you want to continue” type “Y” (without the quotes) and press Enter.

Install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu

Step 5: After successful installation, exit command line and Restart the system.

On Logon Screen, Click on gear button which is just above the password box. You may see a drop-down menu, select Gnome and Log on to the system’.

GNOME Option in Ubuntu 11.10

Voila!, you got your Gnome back on Ubuntu. In case at any time you feel to switch back to Unity Desktop, you could easily do that while logging into the system. In case, you are unable to install Gnome using above method, Alternatively, you can also find Gnome Shell in the Ubuntu Software Center.

When you logon to GNOME, it might look ugly, since Unity’s default theme Ambiance is being used. Unity theme does not integrate well with Gnome Shell and might look awful. So, download some Gnome theme or else switch to the Gnome default theme named Adwaita for Gnome Shell experience.


Below is the screenshot of Ubuntu in Gnome 3

Gnome 3 on Ubuntu


Note: Gnome Classic and Gnome Classic(No effects) both resemble the old Gnome 2 Desktop version.

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