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How to Create Unlimited Gmail ID using Single Gmail ID

Create unlimited gmail idMany Gmail users are using Single Gmail Id to create multiple Gmail IDs to register on different sites and for other purposes. This is not a feature of Gmail but it an unexplained quirk which allows you to create unlimited Gmail id using the same single Gmail ID. It may come as a surprise to some people who have never known this Gmail trick. Fortunately, Gmail ignores periods (DOT) and + (PLUS) in Gmail ID, so if your email id is lex.morgan@gmail.com is same as lexmorgan@gmail.com or lexmorga.n@gmail.com. Ignoring Dot symbol or misplacing the Dot anywhere in email id will be treated as same. So if I am sending a mail on lexmorgan@gmail.com, it will receive on lex.morgan@gmail.com mail box.

Create Unlimited Gmail ID

You might be wondering that how can we create multiple id using the Period (Dot) symbol and + (Plus) Symbol. It is very simple, just add Plus symbol after your mail ID. Suppose if your mail id is lex.morgan@gmail.com, you can add + and add some text i.e lex.morgan+work@gmail.com or you can ignore dot or misplace dot in email id. Suppose your mail id is lex.morgan@gmail.com, you can misplace dot anywhere you want or else you can ignore dot i.e lexmorgan@gmail.com or lexmorga.n@gmail.com. As shown below, You can create unlimited Gmail ID using the same single Gmail ID. Try sending mail to your own Gmail ID using this trick, see how it amazes you.

How to Create Unlimited Gmail ID using Single Gmail ID

How can this be Useful?

If you are working for Sales & Marketing and want to share your Personal mail ID with other sales person without affecting your personal mail. let’s say your mail id is lex.morgan@gmail.com and you want all mail to be sent on lex.morgan+sales@gmail.com, by setting up filter for this in Gmail Settings you can configure all mails sent to lex.morgan+sales@gmail.com to me saved in a different label folder without affecting your personal mail inbox. Suppose you want to share Gmail ID for Work. You can share lex.morgan+work@gmail.com and configure the same in Gmail filter to filter all lex.morgan+work@gmail.com to be label in Work Folder. Suppose you are scared to register on some site because of spam mails, you can register on those sites using this trick. You can Create multiple account on Single Site using same Gmail ID for e.g. You can create multiple Facebook account using same Gmail ID.

How to Create Filters in Gmail

Since, all incoming mail for newly created mail ID gets into the inbox, If you are looking forward to create separate Label (Folder) to flow all your mails receiving on Newly created Gmail ID to separate label, then follow below steps.

1.) Go to Gmail –> Clink on More Drop down menu on left side of Gmail page and Click on Create new label

create new label in gmail


2.) Enter Label Name for e.g Work and Click on OK.

create label in gmail


3.) Now, click the gear icon mail_6567_gear_icon Option on top-right corner of Gmail page and Select Mail Settings


4.) In Gmail Settings, Click on Filter Tab

gmail filters


5.) Click on Create a new Filter, Enter the new email id in TO: and click on Next Step

create filters in gmail


6.) Now select Apply the label and select the label which you have created. Also select Skip the Inbox and Click on Create Filter.

create gmail filters



7.) Done, Now Test, Try sending mail to the newly created mail and see if its directing mails to newly created label.

In my case, As you can see mail sent to k.roshan+work@gmail.com is filtered and stored in Work Mails Label instead of Gmail Inbox.

gmail unlimited id

gmail unlimited id2


This is why Gmail is said to be the best E-mail service provider, because except Gmail, no other E-mail Client provides such an unlimited email id option.

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