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Download your YouTube Videos in original format via Google Takeout

Earlier in YouTube, there were certain limitations on downloading your own videos from YouTube. Though, YouTube did provide an option to download files through Video Manager but had few limitations on quality of videos. In case you uploaded a HD video in YouTube of 720p or 1080p and when you download the same via Video Manager will squeeze it into 480p and will be saved in MP4 format. This limitation was one of the main drawback in YouTube had due to which many users were restricting themselves from uploading their videos on YouTube.

However, If this is something, which is stopping you from uploading your video on YouTube, then no need to worry. Google recently announced a new feature in Google Takeout where in you can download your own uploaded videos from YouTube in their original format, the way you uploaded in YouTube. User can choose to download all uploaded YouTube videos in an archive file.

Step 1: Go to Google Takeout, Click on Create Archive button. Google will start creating an archive’s files of all video which you have uploaded in YouTube. Building an archive file may take some time, depending on the file size and number of videos.

YouTube Google Takeout

Step 2: Once the archive is complete showing 100% status, you can proceed to download by clicking on Download button. In case the file size is greater than 2GB then Google Takeout will split them into the individual file of 2GB each.

Google takeout building youtube archive

Drawback: Google Takeout doesn’t provide any option to choose individual videos from YouTube.

Google Takeout was originally used for taking out data from Google in case of closing account from Google or moving your account. However, adding YouTube feature under Google Takeout might come very handy & useful for many users on YouTube.

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  1. it is downloads our videos only??
    How can we download other YT videos???

    • @nithin_nithi:disqus
      Yes, this will allow to you to take out your own YouTube videos that you uploaded from your Google Account.

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