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Something To Know About Windows 8

Windows 8New Windows OS is going to appear for sale very soon. And if you really plan to upgrade your system up to the latest version then you need to know the latest specs and changes that have been added to Windows 8.

New User Interface

It will be the first thing that you will notice after the installation. The developers have changed it to a Metro interface which means that instead of usual icons, you will use “live tiles” as the developers called them. These tiles will allow you to get the live information from the applications that run at the moment like e-mails notifications, status of social media accounts, and other useful information.

Faster. Much faster

It has become faster in every aspect of work: memory footprint, boot time (just about 8 seconds!), app launching, info processing. New Microsoft operation system will support USB 3.0 as well as Hyper-V. I think it was expectable as each new technology is supposed to be better and faster than the previous one. And Windows 8 won’t become an exception.

Laptops, tablets and desktops availability

Windows 8 was designed for touchscreens and for ARM processors. It means that Windows 8 OS is unified in such a way that it can be run on pcs, laptops or tablets. It is a Microsoft answer to the Apple and Google’s capture of the market of tablet operation systems. Besides, users won’t have to learn how to work with different OS as everything will be the same on their laptops and tablets.

New era of apps.

The era of software has gone. Windows 8 will run apps. Microsoft wants to open a new direction in application development. The apps for Windows 8 will be developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. Unfortunately, the market can’t boast of great variety of apps developed for Windows 8 like Apple or Google can, but I think it is only temporary and the user will soon have a good list of applications to choose from. By the way, Microsoft has already introduced its Internet Explorer 10 optimized for touchscreen devices.

As you can see, the release of Windows 8 will change the face of work on the laptops and pcs. It is going to become more “mobile”. I can’t say if it is good or bad, changes are inevitable. And only time will show if the new operation system is worth using it.


Author Bio: My name is Katerina Merzlova. I’m a copywriter in Intellectsoft LTD., an IT company that develops advanced apps for smartphones. I spend lots of time reading and writing about mobile technologies

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