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How to Setup Toll Free Number in UK

 Setup Toll Free Number in UKIf you are running a business in United Kingdom, and you are looking forward to setting up a toll-free number in UK, then this guide will help you to set up your own toll-free number. Toll-Free Number allows your customer to call your company or organisation without making them to pay for the calls. Setting up a Toll-Free Number can greatly impact your company professional image and help you to render better customer service to the customer. You can also use it as non geographic number to promote internationally.

Toll-Free Number in UK usually starts with prefixes 0800 or 0808, these numbers are known as “Freefone numbers”

Why to setup Toll Free Number?

It has been seen in the past by research, that all sales, marketing or rendering customer services have boosted almost 80% in the figures. Using a toll-free number, it makes easier for your partners and customer to reach you easily without charging your customers. This Toll-Free number can be routed to your existing phone lines, including cell phones or office phones. According to research, almost 71% of the British consumer prefer doing business with companies that employs an 0800 or 0808 number i.e.Toll Free Number.


1. Search for telecommunication providers for the best deals on 0800 and 0808 numbers. Many such providers operates directly through their website. Before making any purchase make sure you do it from a reliable provider which offer good services and price. Below are some sites that you can check out.

Toll Free Forwardingwww.tollfreeforwarding.com 

Ring Centralwww.ringcentral.com



2. Once you decided your toll-free number provider, buy 0800 number or 0808 number for UK based toll-free number. Select number which suits your business well and easy to remember.

3. Fill out the form or application if any. You may be asked to add your routing number. This number will be your exciting number of your home or office on which you will start receiving calls from your new toll-free number.

Note: This is an important step since all calls will be forwarded to your exciting number, so check twice before you submit your exciting number.

4. Make your payment and complete the order process.

5. Set up Voice mail feature in case you miss any calls, customer can reach your voice mail easily and can leave their message.

Congratulation, You are all set to use your own Toll-Free Number.

Note: Depending on some providers, it may take some time to activate your toll-free number. However, in most of the cases, the lines are activated and can be used the moment you ordered.

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