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Gmail Hangout makes a nice video conferencing for business

Communication is a critical part in any business no matter whether it’s a small or big company or organization. Due to modern technology, it has proven that video conferencing is the best way to conduct meeting among people from all over the world being independent of location. Video conferencing makes it look like all people are in the same meeting rooms, though they are in different places. There are many online video-conferencing tools and software such as CISCO & Microsoft, which sells expensive Video Conferencing equipment and software. However, after an announcement from Google about its upgraded video chat features, many small organizations might be looking forward to Google Hangout Video Conference.

On July, 2012, Fred Brewing, Google Product Manager, announced that Google is upgrading its Video chat to more modern video calling technology – Google+ Hangout. Google+ Hangout allows users to chat with multiple people. This upgrade will also bring in with higher deliver reliability, and with enhanced quality since it will be using Google’s own network. Google also made thinks simple and easy for users to reach people easily no matter they using Google+ or Gmail. With the help of hangout, a user can easily connect to other users not only when they are on Gmail but also if they are on Google+ in browser or on android or iOS devices.


Why Google+ Hangout for Video Conferencing?

Google+ hangout help you to connect to multiple people using video chat. However, it has a limitation of nine people. Apart from that, it also supports sharing screen, Watching YouTube videos with other people, Presenting Google Document online and also include some fun effects to cheer your team or people.

Though there are many such video-conferencing hardware and software available but most of the tools have some cost associated with it. However, there are also many free online video conferencing software available but most of them are unreliable and has latency problem. Google+ and Gmail services are always free and doesn’t cost you on that. A part of being an interest of individual friend’s communication, today it has become an interest of workgroups and small business as well.

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