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Best Practices to Have Top Followers on Twitter

Twitter is one of the hottest and famous Micro blog cum social networking site that have a millions of users and growing even faster than Facebook. Everyone should probably hear about Twitter and already knows that how it works. Besides posting tweets or updates, everyone wants to have a huge list of followers because that dictates, the more person following you, the more you become popular on twitter.

Top Followers on Twitter

From the above pictures, you can see the twitter top 5 followed celebrity according to a market research firm. In the list, Lady gaga got top position followed by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna & Britney Spears.

Before describing about how to get as many followers as you want, I have compiled a list of benefits of having huge followers:

1. Huge traffic to your blog or website.

2. The more people following you, the more popular business you have.

3. People will love to share or retweet your post, if you are among the most followed person on twitter.

4. Your recently launched product or services might get huge attention on twitter and can generate huge sales.

Excluding all these benefits, you can get an authority account on twitter, once the number of followers has increased to a certain limit.

Getting a bunch of followers is not so easy and one day task. You will have to keep following the steps I’m going to mention below, until you have the desired number of followers for your account, so let’s start:

#1 Tweet More: You have to share more and more tweets about latest trends, interesting topics, funny pictures and so on to become participative in your followers circle. This will keep your followers interest alive and will make them free to retweet your post.

#2 Follow & Share: To some extent, you have to follow a common myth of ‘give & take’ relationship on twitter because the more you follow and retweets posts of a person in your niche, the more the chances that they will follow you back. You should do the same when someone follows you and must reply to every message you get. However, it is not necessary and you cannot force them to do that. Always keep in mind that twitter team will always watching the newly created account and any suspicious activity from your account will lead to permanent suspension. So, you have to keep thing limited and should try to make things looks like more generic.

#3 Avoid Being Too Promotional: To keep everything looks natural, you have to avoid doing heavy promotional tweets and should focus more customers engaging tweets.

#4 Promote Account through Different Channels: You can use your personal blog or website to put a link of your twitter account through using floated ‘share page scripts’, tweet button, twitter links below every post you write etc. This works for me like charm, you can also get even more than thousands of visitors within few days of implementing it. Believe it or not, this number can be increased if you post user helpful and traffic driven content to your website on a daily basis. 

#5 Using Facebook: Facebook is also a great alternative to promote your tweets and make FB user to follow you on twitter. To do this, there is various FB apps are available which automatically share your tweets on FB and vice versa when you do any post or status updates on FB.

#6 Connect Twitter Account: You can use various other social media network like Google+, linkedin, FB etc. to connect your twitter account.

These are some of my best strategies to put in front if want to get more followers for my twitter account. Besides all these things, I strongly recommend to take all these initiative only for quality followers rather than focusing on quantity. There are several benefits of having quality followers which surely increase your authority, business trust and presence on twitter.

Have a good luck with these steps and don’t forget to follow me after reading this post.

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