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Pew Research Looks at the Problems With Cell Phones

5972There are many rites of teenagers that have changed throughout the years. In the world today, one of the rites of teenagers in the world today is the use of a cellphone. It is almost impossible to find a teenage girl walking around in a mall that does not have a cell phone in their hand. The use of cell phones by teenagers and adults has become so prevalent that it is hard to imagine what life was like when there were no cell phones. Cell phones and now smartphones offer people a tremendous amount of flexibility. They allow people to stay connected with others at all times, but they are not perfect. Cell phones have some limitations, and Pew research has been able to document many of the problems that people face when using their phones.

The Issues that People Face:

1. Dropped Calls – there is nothing more annoying than talking to someone on the phone only to be cut off unexpectedly. It usually takes a moment to realize that you have been disconnected and then you have to figure out who should call who back. It is the problem that cell phone users cite as the most aggravating.

2. Wrong Numbers – People who have cell phones often have limits on the amount of minutes they have. Every phone call they receive counts against their minutes. A phone call that lasts only one second is charged for a full minute. When you get people who call the wrong number or worse are bothered by telemarketers on your cell phone, you are using up valuable minutes. Most people would love to avoid these unnecessary calls.

3. Unwanted Text Messages – People get excited when they get a text. It means that someone is trying to communicate with them. When that text turns out to be a marketing message or some other type of spam, people get annoyed. They wish that marketers could not send out the mass email marketing messages.

4. Throttling Down – The smartphones of today allow people to access the internet. the only problem is that the plans that are offered limit the amount of use of the internet that people can get. Even the unlimited plans do have some restrictions on them., When a person uses too much, they will be throttled down and the speed of their internet use will slow down drastically. It often makes the phones unusable for surfing the internet because of the slow speed and this complaint is happening more often.

What Does The Research Prove?

The Pew research about cell phones shows that the systems are not perfect. The problems that people are complaining about are real and can be rather annoying. What people have to realize is that the use of cell phones is relatively new. The technology has only become popular in the last 20 years and since it first started, the technology has improved a lot. As long as the cellular providers and cell phone manufacturers take note of the Pew research and what people are saying about their smartphones, they will continue to improve and that is something to look forward to.

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