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Build Professional Image for your business with Non Geographic Numbers

Non Geographic NumbersMany local companies aim in widening their business internationally or globally. Representing business in an international market require to have a number for contact purposes, which should not represent any particular area, country or region. Recently, A local company contacted me asking for a suggestion for the same, anyway their problem got solved, but still we decide to post on the same considering that this might help others. If you are running a local company and would like to appear as a large UK wide organization, or maybe you have an established company which has many premises spread around UK and would like to benefit from a central contact number, then Non-Geographic Number is your first choice.

What is Non Geographic Number

Non-Geographical Numbers are ideal way to promote your business, making a national or international presence. Non-Geographic number usually starts from 0845 uk based numbers, which are used by companies and organization. Non-Geographic numbers (NGNs) are telephone numbers, which are sold privately rather than being to a particular telephone line or circuit. This number doesn’t reveal any geographical location of the line being called. The owner of NGN can route call from NGN to any particular telephone set or mobile or even to other NGNs. When someone dials a non-geographical number, the call is automatically transferred or routed to the subscriber’s telephone set independent of the set located.

How this works?

It’s very easy, Just buy an NGN number starting with 0845 number and that number could be routed to your telephone number or mobile number. Any caller call on your 0845 NGN number will routed to your local telephone or mobile.

You can promote your NGN number without revealing any geographic region or without sharing your original number to be public.

Why Non geographic Number?

If you want to create a professional image for your business or organization, maintaining a national or international presence, then NGNs could be very beneficial for your business. Suppose a local company or store having its branch all over the country, could possibly use one customer service number, which would be redirected to a particular telephone line or mobile. Customer can call from anywhere to NGN number, and call will be transferred to the particular telephone Line.

NGN owner can also get monetary benefits from receiving call based on the plan. Charges may differ from country to country. Below are some of the advantage of Non Geographic Number.


Non-Geographic Number Advantages:

Call Routing: The most important feature of NGNs is call routing, a feature where in all calls to NGNs number can be redirected to particular telephone set. Calls can also be route according to it’s department.

Free Incoming Calls: All calls to Non geographic numbers to the routed number are usually free. However, depending on the number and plan selected, It can also help in monetary benefit.

Professional Image: Using Non Geographic number will directly indicate organization values and creates an impression of the organization as a widely established business.

Flexibility: Since all calls are routed from NGN to your telephone line, You can change your location of receiving calls anywhere at any point of time giving you complete flexibility.

Number availability: Since this number is not specific to a particular telephone, So in any point of time you can opt to another number. You can also take a new number for a new advertisement you place.

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