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Windows Tricks: Open Command Prompt using Right-Click Menu

The most-used application on windows by most professional users is command prompt. I personally use the command prompt for most my work. Accessing command prompt in windows 7 is quite easy. However, navigating to a particular folder in command prompt using CD command actually waste some valuable time. Unlike opening command prompt from start menu, quick launch icon or from hotkey, there’s is a really quick trick to open command prompt on windows.

For Windows 7 / Vista

  • Hold down Shift key and Right-click on the directory or specified folder.
  • Select “Open Command Window here” from the menu.

Command Prompt using Right-Click Menu

The best part about this trick is that the directory path is taken from where you have opened the command prompt. As you can see, I have opened the command prompt from E:/Movies/New Folder directory and the same directory is shown in command prompt, which is quite convenient instead of navigating in command prompt.

Command Prompt using Right-Click Menu2

For Windows XP

This feature is not available in XP. However, you can still have this feature on XP by doing a workaround using regedit tweak. I believe most of the people don’t like doing tweaking with Regedit so let see an easier method for Windows XP. You can download and install Open Command Window Here from Microsoft for Windows XP. This will add the same feature to Windows XP to open command prompt using right-click, same as windows 7 and Vista.

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