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Get Set Ready for Windows 10 Launch

If you heard the rumour that Microsoft getting ready for Windows 10 launch then trust it’s true. Microsoft has officially disclosed its upcoming Windows 10 features at a press event held on Jan 21st and will soon be expected to hit stores. During the event, Microsoft unveiled the many features of the upcoming Windows 10 including the most awaited feature that will allow your OS to work both on PCs and Mobile Device.

Instead of going in-depth with all features and analysis of Windows 10, we would rather now see what exactly is Windows 10, and it’s essential changes and features. We will soon post in-depth analysis of Windows 10 in our upcoming post.

About Windows 10…

What is Windows 10 and how will Windows 10 work on all devices like PC, Smartphone or Tablet as it claims?

Windows 10 on PC and Phone

Microsoft has introduced Windows 10 with an intention to bring a revolution from the traditional way the OS works i.e OS being installed and works one system/device (PC). Windows 10 will now allow the user to use and access OS on multiple devices regardless of the screen you are using i.e large screen and/or small screen and/or even no screen at all.

What about Apps?

Windows 10 Apps

According to Microsoft, apps will adjust automatically based on the devices you will be using. App was introduced in Windows 8 but people never liked the way apps used to work in Windows 8 due to its Full-Screen mode. Luckily, it is believed that Microsoft has addressed this in Windows 10.

What about Start Menu, are they playing again with this?

Windows 10 Start Menu

As we all are aware that Microsoft played some hide and seek game with the start menu where they experimented by disabling the stat menu. Anyway that really hit hard on Windows 8 by its user, and they later placed it back in windows 8.1, but it still misses the old features showing pop-up menu option. However, there is a good news for all old start menu fans, Windows 10 will bring back the old-style Windows start menu option with some extra option.

Windows Phone feature Cortana added to Windows 10

Cortana in Windows 10

The most popular feature in Windows Phone called Cortana, a digital assistance that performs action based on your voice command. The feature has been added to Windows 10 that will enable the system to work whenever it is commanded via voice or text. For e.g. If a user says to mail to some “xyz” person, system will detect and automatically perform the task of sending mail as per your voice command.

Spartan – the new Web Browser

Microsoft will be introducing its new browser called Spartan that will be included in Windows 10. Spartan is a modern browser that is required by today modern web technology to render web pages. Spartan includes the features called Cortana. Windows 10 will also include Internet Explorer.

Holographic Windows 10, is this real?

Holographic Windows 10

You have probably seen this in movies with those holographic computing in Sci-Fi movie, did you ever taught that this can some day turn into reality. Microsoft Windows 10 introduces the holographic computing that will make computing so real that you would be communicating with your hands and voice. According to Microsoft “Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first untethered holographic computer – no wires, phones or connection to a PC needed.”

Windows 10 will be free for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users for the first year.

The new Windows 10 features does seems to be very promising and trying to overcome from the Windows 8 negative impact it had on Windows users.

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