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Quick & Easy Way to Hide all Icons on Desktop in Windows XP

How to hide all Icons from Desktop

In my previous Post “How to remove Recycle bin from Desktop“, we tried to remove recycle bin icon.As i mentioned earlier in my previous post, There are no such option provided by xp to remove recycle bin except using group policy editor but if you are trying to hide all icon from desktop then there is a quick and easy way of doing that.
Don’t worry, there is no technical or registry editing to do here.Well, this feature is itself given in window xp, which will make all icon including recycle bin icon hidden on desktop.This option is right under your mouse right click menu.This feature can play as prank too.This trick may be knowing only by few people, since there was a request by some of our reader regarding “how to hide all icon using any alternative method”.

To hide all icon on desktop, follow below simple steps…

1.) Right Click on Desktop and go to “Arrange Icon By

2.) In Sub-Menu, Click on Show Desktop Icon to uncheck. and now you will see all icon is gone.
To bring all icon back.Repeat the above procedure again and put check mark on “Show Desktop Icon”.

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  1. You can also try the Tray It software, which makes your icons and opened windows minimize into the tray.

  2. Ohh, i m using xp for last 6 year but never knew this thing.thanks, your article are always very inspiring, i have kept your blog in my daily check list visit.thanks

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