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Apple’s New High Security Data Center: The Hardware Fortress

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Every now and then, we come across disturbing news about security breaches concerning the tech giants like Apple, Google, etc. Consequently, we keep hearing about the latest security updates that these companies have to offer, Google has been working on securing Android for quite some time now while Apple has mostly been a step ahead. Whether it is a computer monitoring software or a cell phone spy, Apple has generally been hostile towards most of these attacks, even though the skirmishes between the “good” and the “bad” of the digital world continue. However, we stress so much on the software aspect of data security that securing the actual servers and the hardware containing the data is almost overlooked. The news that has recently struck the tech world reports that Apple has plans for a high security data center in Maiden, N.C. This new 21000 square foot tactical data center is being constructed close to the walloping 500000 square foot data center that already exists in the area. Hickory Daily Record reviews the company’s design plans affirming the construction of this new smaller tactical data center and further plans of construction around its main data center.

Apple’s data center: unparalleled advances

This new 21030 square foot data center is supposed to store clusters of servers in 11 different rooms with fail-safe security measures at both ends of the building guarded by booby traps for trespassers. In order to enter this building, people will walk through one door that will close behind them before they are cleared through a second security door to enter the building. The building will be bulwarked from all sides by an 8 feet high chain link security fence The pre-existing goliath of a data center on the same site was reported to cost $1 billion whereas this project will cost as low as about $1.8 million. Apple is also building two solar array installations on the property in order to help fueling the humongous data center, the combined power output of this power plant will be 84 million kilowatt-hours per annum.

High costs, security measures and ambitions

According to the newspaper, the plans demonstrate this smaller data center built up adjacent to the larger one already in place. They also show the footprint of another huge data center supposed to function almost parallel to the one already existing with the smaller under construction data center on its side, which foretells Apple’s plans for inflating its original main campus. Plans for another new building, with a reinforced concrete pad meant to host a hydrogen fuel cell facility, are also revealed by the permits issued for the site. The same permit also shows that this construction will cost $4.1 million to the company.

Additionally, the construction includes the largest private solar farm in the world across the street from the data center, along with the fuel cell, combined the two will produce enough electricity to power 10874 households that is 124 kilowatt hours annually, according to the company. The director of Catawba County Economic Development Corporation, Scott Millar, when inquired about Apple’s plans regarding these constructions in the pipeline explained that he holds high expectations regarding the company’s continued investments in the county. He also added that the county keeps a close link with the largest tech company in the world. He expects to benefit from the phenomenal growth at which he sees the company flourishing in the future, hence, resulting in growth for the county at similar rates.

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