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Easter Egg Game on android.com Homepage

We saw few Easter Egg from android previously on android.com website. We find that android has recently updated with new Easter Egg game, this is hidden at the bottom of the page. Scroll the page down, You may see a android logo at the bottom footer of the page, click on the android logo and the games begin. A small mini game on snowball.

Easter Egg Game on android.com


After hitting the snowman three times, you get a gold medal. You may see that green guy with the medal.

Easter Egg Game on android.com Homepage


Check the below video to see android Easter Egg in Action.

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Note: It is working with Chrome and Firefox, it may not work in Opera as well as on Mobile devices. We haven’t tested on Internet Explorer.

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  1. hey this is cool, i love easter egg

  2. google is following its trend of ester egg on all its product, i guess google love ester egg

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