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Top Essential Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Hotkeys for Windows 10, Firefox and Chrome


Keyboard Shortcut is typically an alternate means for invoking one or more commands that would otherwise be accessible only through a menu. 

Using Windows keyboard shortcuts is a quick and straightforward way of using the windows without using the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are generally two or more keys used for invoking the command. 

Many Professionals use only keyboard shortcuts to access any commands. 

e.g., We use Ctrl+C -For Copy, Instead of using the mouse.

On the request of one of the readers, “I am looking for shortcut commands for windows as well as for Firefox Browser, could you post on that.” 

Today, it’s merely ridiculous to use a mouse for every basic task like copying, pasting, saving a file, etc.

Besides that, most laptop and notepad users prefer to use the keyboard rather than a mouse pad or TouchPad. 

Below is the list of Windows, IE, Firefox, and Chrome Hotkeys categorized as follows:

  • Windows Generic HotKeys
  • Essential HotKeys
  • Programs (Applications) Hotkeys
  • Function Keys (F1 to F11)
  • Internet Explorer Hotkeys
  • Firefox Hotkeys
  • Chrome Hotkeys

In Windows Hotkey, windows key + other keys are used to invoke windows function or application i.e. window logo + other keys. This generally helps to perform all windows functions.

Note: Here Win refers to Window Logo keys on your keyboard…

Windows Hotkeys – Generic
Win + LLocks Workstation.
Win + F1Open Windows Help.
Win + F3 Or FOpen Find Dialog.
Win + BMove focus to system tray icons.
Win + DMinimizes all open windows and displays the desktop
Win + EOpen My Computer.
Win + FOpen Find Files & Folder Window.
Win + LLocks Workstation. (Lock Pc)
Win + MMinimize all windows.
Win + RRun dialog box
Win + UOpen Utility Manager.
Win + Pause BreakOpen System Properties dialog.
Win + TabCycle through taskbar buttons. (Switches between applications)
Win + Shift + TabCycle through taskbar buttons in reverse.
Win + Ctrl + FFind computer

These Essential Hotkeys are important hotkeys that can help you to get your work done quickly & easily. For e.g. To select multiple files, Bypass the Autoplay function, etc.

Windows 10 – Essential Keys
CTRL + Alt + Delete,
CTRL + Alt + Numpad,
CTRL + Shift + Esc
Open Or Display Task Manager
Hold Ctrl And Select FilesSelect Multiple files by holding down Ctrl and select the files
Ctrl + ShiftOpen a folder while pressing Ctrl+Shift. The text label for files and folders will be hidden. Open the same folder and press the same keys again to get the text label back.
Ctrl + Alt + DownInvert the screen, the Entire Screen Display will turn Up Side Down.
Ctrl + Alt + UpUndo Inversion, Back To Normal Screen.
Shift + DeleteThis will directly delete the file and bypass recycle bin. (To Delete Permanently)
Hold ShiftWhen loading CD/DVD Hold Down Shift To Bypass Autoplay.
Hold Shift While LoginWhen you log in to Windows hold down Shift which will bypass the startup program which is in the startup folder but not the program listed in the Registry
ALT+Underlined letterPerform the corresponding command or select the corresponding option
Alt + EnterDisplay properties dialog box. Select drive or file and press Alt + Enter.
Print ScreenPress Print Screen to capture the entire screen and paste it into Paint.
ALT + Print ScreenIf we need only to capture the window or dialog box, not the whole entire screen then use this to capture the current window.

Windows Programs Hotkeys are shortcuts that are common among all applications or programs in windows. For e.g. To Copy, Paste, Bold, Save, Close Window, etc.

Windows Programs Shortcut Keys
CTRL + ASelects all the files in active Window
CTRL + Insert
Copy any file or text.
SHIFT + Delete
Cut any file or text.
SHIFT + Insert
Paste the copied files.
CTRL + ZUndo Any Action (Reverse the action you have done).
CTRL + YRedo any Action.
CTRL + BMakes Text Bold.
CTRL + IMakes Text Italic.
CTRL + UMakes Text Underline.
CTRL + FDisplay Find Dialog Box.
CTRL + GDisplay Goto Dialog Box
CTRL + NOpen New Dialog Box or Create New File
CTRL + ODisplays the Open dialog box.
CTRL + PDisplays the Print dialog box.
CTRL + SDisplays the Save dialog box.
CTRL+ESCDisplay the Start menu.
CTRL + F4Close any active window or Program or Application or Shutdown Pc.
CTRL + WClose Active Window.

Many think Function keys Hotkeys are useless but they are not. Below is the list of all the function keys from F1 To F11.

Windows 10 – Function Key
F1 keyGives help on the active window or selected item.
F2 keyRename the selected item
F3 keySearch for a file or a folder
F4 keyDisplay the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows Explorer
F5 keyUpdate the active window
F6 keyCycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktop
F10 keyActivate the menu bar in the active program
F11 keyToggle full-screen mode.

Listed all the Internet Explorer hotkeys. Although many basic hotkeys are similar in browsers of IE and Firefox.

Internet Explorer Hotkeys Shortcuts
Alt + EnterAdd the default prefix “:http://www” & “.com”. Put Address of website like cnet on Address bar directly and press Alt and Enter.
CTRL+BOpen the Organize Favorites dialog box.
CTRL+OOpen the Open dialog box.
CTRL+FStart the Find utility.
CTRL+IOpen Find utility.
CTRL+HOpen the History bar.
CTRL+LOpen the Open dialog box.
CTRL+POpen the Print dialog box.
CTRL+RToggle full-screen mode.
CTRL+RUpdate the current Web page.
CTRL+WClose the current window.

Firefox Hotkeys are shortcuts used in the Firefox browsers giving an ability to use Firefox without the mouse. Below is the list for all the Firefox Hotkeys.

Firefox Hotkey Shortcuts
Ctrl + NOpen New Window
Ctrl + TOpen New Tab.
Ctrl + WClose the Current Tab.
F5Refresh The Page
EscStop The Page From Loading
F5 keyUpdate the active window
EndGo To the Bottom Of the Page
HomeGo To the top Of the Page
Ctrl + PPrint the Page
Ctrl + uPage Sources
Ctrl And +Zoom In
Ctrl And –Zoom out
Ctrl and 0Zoom Reset
Ctrl + FFind
Alt + EnterAdd the default prefix “:http://www” & “.com”.Put Address of website like cnet on Address bar directly and press Alt and Enter.

Below is the list of all essential Chrome Hotkeys.

Chrome Hotkey Shortcuts
Ctrl + NOpen New Window
Ctrl + Shift + NOpen Incognito Mode
Ctrl + TOpen New Tab.
Ctrl + WClose the Current Tab.
Ctrl + Shift + TOpen last closed Tab
Ctrl + PgDnNavigate to the next Tab
Ctrl + PgUpNavigate to the previous Tab
 Ctrl + JOpen Download Page
EscStop The Page From Loading
F5 keyUpdate the active window
EndGo To the Bottom Of the Page
HomeGo To the top Of the Page
Ctrl + PPrint the Page
Ctrl + uPage Sources
Ctrl And +Zoom In
Ctrl And –Zoom out
Ctrl and 0Zoom Reset
Ctrl + FFind
Alt + EnterAdd the default prefix “:http://www” & “.com”.Put Address of website like cnet on Address bar directly and press Alt and Enter.

Kindly let us know if any of the above shortcuts are not working. If you have any suggestions or any queries, please mention them in the below comment section.

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