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Robot as Fire Fighter: Future of U.S. Navy

Today technology has immersed so much that many incredible things are happening just for the betterment of the people. Nowadays, with the help of technology, one can find its route to any place using GPS. One can fasten up the process of development using automated technology using robot. One can command its phone through voice, which was seen recently in Siri. Recently, a video posted by U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, which shows a robot named Octavia takes command via voice and gesture movement and helps to extinguish the fire.

Octavia is robot which is designed and developed to fight against fires for U.S. Navy’s. Octavia is a part of a research project which is conducted by U.S. Navy’s laboratory for Autonomous Systems Research (LASR). Octavia can be guided through voice and gestures and will act accordingly. This robot is capable of identifying its fire-fighting teammates. With the help of two infrared cameras, Octavia is capable enough to identify fires and can extinguish the fire using the fire extinguisher which contains compressed air/water backpack. (Did you know that fire extinguishers significantly reduce the risk of fire accidents? See this page to learn more.)


Although this robot is still in development, but in real scenario were a little fire can blaze up an entire house or building in few seconds and use of such a robot in such a scenario might be a big risk because currently as shown in the video, the Robot is too slow to work as a shoulder to shoulder with human. However, it would be remarkable achievement in technology when a robot will work as a Fire Fighter.

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