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News: Google officially announces @gmail.com in Germany

Due to a trademark dispute in Germany, Google was not permitted to use Gmail, since it was registered under a German user with a trademark called G-Mail in 2000. However, after a long struggle, Google has finally won this battle. Google is now officially changing its German “Google Mail” brand name to “Gmail”. Henceforth, all people in German will be provided with @gmail.com address. However, people who are using the @googlemail.com address will continue to function. All existing @googlemail.com address users, will soon be able to switch to @gmail.com.

Similar to trademark dispute in Germany, there was a similar case from UK two years ago, where Google again prevailed and officially declared Gmail in UK. Germany was the last country to not have its Gmail Branding, though after winning its trademark in Germany, Google officially announces that “Gmail is Gmail everywhere”. To celebrate this, Google has created a video to show how it’s like to Go Google in German.



Note: To change your existing @googlemail.com address to @gmail.com, over next few weeks, a link will appear  at the top when you login to Gmail.

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