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Windows 8.1 RTM leak is now on the web

Windows 8.1 RTM leak

Few days back, we posted an article on the upcoming Windows 8.1 RTM release date though Microsoft didn’t announce on the same. However, Today, Microsoft has just announced and confirmed its Windows 8.1 RTM release date and expected to reach at stores by October 18th. Anyway, the Windows 8.1 RTM is already been leaked and is on the web for download, the leak version news came right after the Microsoft announced it officially.

The leaked version is Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM build which is a native Chinese version of the windows 8.1 OS. According to neowin.net, a user has shared the screenshot, showing the windows 8.1 version build as 9600, which is now also confirmed by PCBeta community that its real. The version is in Chinese but can be easily converted using Windows built in language & regional settings and can be downloaded from the Internet.

However, we are not sharing the link or source for the download file as we are totally against the piracy. It’s better to wait until Microsoft releases it by October 17th.

Microsoft has already made it clear that they won’t be giving any early access to Windows 8.1 before its official launch date to the general public, even for the people who are signed up and subscribed to Microsoft’s MSDN and TechNet services. All exciting users of Windows 8 would be able to access windows 8.1 update one day prior, i.e. October 17th for Free.

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  1. Thanks for the update.. yes its better to wait for official release instead of risking in downloading OS from untrusted place..

  2. Waiting for windows 8.1 badly!!

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