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Online Shopping App for Android and iPhone

Google ShopperJohnston asked, ”Are there any good app for shopping online using an android phone.” Yes, there are many good apps for shopping online. However, we find Google Shopper App better compared to others.

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, Google rolled out an app called “Google Shopper” an android and iPhone based application. Google Shopper offers users to search for product and service beyond the basic search functionality. It allows the users to search product and service online using the variety of search functionalities on android or iPhone. Using Google Shopper, you can search the product easily using your voice command, scanning barcode and also by scanning the cover of the books or media.


Google added variety of search technique to search the product online. Once the user search the product and found the product or item, users will see many sellers online with their seller’s ratings. Users can easily compare product prices from different sellers and choose accordingly to shop. Users can also view detailed product information, review and price for the product or item. Google Shopper is an easy way to check out products and its price, whether you are checking for restaurants nearby you, shopping gadgets, buying a movie tickets from online ticketing system or checking product review and price.

Below are some Features of Google Shopper:

Detailed product information: An easy way to search product or item in Google Shopper. It helps users to find prices, review and detailed product information and specification.

Voice search: It allows the users to search using voice by just naming the product.

Barcode scanning: It allows the user to scan barcode of any product and show relevant product information.

Scanning the cover books and media: User can easily search for their product by just placing their camera on the cover of book and media which would result in relevant search on the same product.

Online prices: Help to find the best price on the product, as a result it makes easier for the user to shop accordingly.

Local Stores: A functionality which allows the users to check nearby offers or deals and also offers users with discount while shopping.



Google Shopper is a Free App and can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.

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